Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Furry Feline Friends

Most of you know, that we have 14 million animals around here. Here are our cats that are actually pets. We have 3 more "outside cats" that are tame, but not really ones that we interact with much. They are just good to kill mice and other rodents.

Jamison's cat "Garfield" enjoying the first fall breeze.

"Ollie" Jordan's cat snoozing at the foot of our bed.

"Midnight", bet you can't guess which one she is. The stray that Jake let Jessica keep. And "Silky" something that Jake let Jordan drag home because it was scrawny and scraggly. Well, you can tell she is now well fed. I have banished both of these cats to the yard, and they frequently sleep together on this door mat at the back door. I refuse to let anyone bring anymore animals into the house.

Cool and the Gang

This week is Homecoming Week in Brownsboro, and everyday the kids wear or do something different. Today is crazy hat day, and tomorrow is sunglasses day, so Jake took the kids to the dollar store and bought them all sunglasses. Last night just before dusk, they were out in the front of the house riding Jamison's gocart. They think they are pretty cool. Of course Jayden will pose for anything.

Yes, his shirt does say "Don't you wish your mommy was hot like mine". LOL

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jamison Evan Griffin

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything. I guess that comes with working 5 12hr shifts in a row, then playing catch-up with all other things. I have made a post about all the kids except Jamison. So, here it is. Jamison is such a sweet boy, so affectionate. He loves to have his back scratched. As you can see in the pictures, he has killer dimples. He is going to be a lady killer with them. For now he does not like girls, which is fine with me, so that can wait... for now.

Jamison loves fishing, he would go fishing every day if it were possible. He also loves turtles. In fact, we have 2 tanks with turtles in them. Some of the older ones we have had for over 5 years. They have pretty long life spans, so when he leaves home he will be taking them with him. His other interests are his go cart that he paid $50 for at a garage sale, anything outdoors, collecting knives, and he love to watch Myth Busters, If These Walls Could Talk, How It's Made, and anything to do with forensics.

This is Jamison's cat "Garfield". He is a huge cat, and loves to play in boxes like this one in the hallway.

Jamison is a good student, he does not like anything to do with Language Arts, but he loves Science and is really good at math. He is our diabetic, so we keep a close eye on him, but he would like for us to just leave him alone. Typical boy.