Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First Day of School Ends with a Surprise

Everyone actually got up without a fight, and got ready for school on the first day. We let the triplets pick out their own clothes for the first day, and I had to bite my tongue. In my quest to let them "grow up a little", letting them make choiced that won't hurt them is a step. So, this year they are independant in making clothes choices. (As long as the clothes fit, and it is tasteful.) Picture day may be a different story.

That afternoon after everyone came home, I had just gotten back from walking 3 miles and was hearing about everyone's day, there was a knock at the door. It was Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Griffin. We were very suprised, as they don't get out much, especially this far (they live about 35-40 miles from here). But after a Dr appointment in Tyler, they stopped and picked up pizza, and brought it over for dinner on their way home.

Jayden and Grandma Jenny in her very blond wig.

Jordan will always be Grandma's girl, because they are so much alike.

Jamison and Grandpa.

Jessica gets a big hug from Grandpa Griffin.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jayden's Very First Day of School

Our baby started Kindergarten this week, and it was a great transition. On meet the teacher night last week, he cried because he did not want to leave his classroom. I guess it was a good sign of how he was going to be on the first day.

After waking him up, he went to the couch to think about what he wanted for breakfast.

He got all dressed up, and it was a beautiful morning.

He found his name to put up his backpack and give Mrs Graham his lunch money. We all really like his teacher, and bonus, so far she thinks Jayden is great.

He was ready for us to go, but not before we gave him hugs and kisses.

If you look real close, you can probably see the tears in Jake's eyes. Sad thing is, Jake's classroom is just down the hall.

Jayden came home, saying he had a great day, but he was exhausted. He fell asleep by 820pm, which is amazing for him. After all, he is a night owl like his momma.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jordan Briann Griffin

Jordan is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is smart, kind, a worry-wart, and very much her grandma Jenny's girl. She was the first born, and took a beating inutero. The other two bounced on her all the time, while she bounced on my bladder. Jordan, I would describe as a type A personality, always being harder on herself than Jake or I would ever be. Straight A's is what she brings home on her report card. Being an animal lover, she says she wants to do something with them when she grows up. I just hope what she does with them is not bring them to my house. She has her own cat "Ollie", who is a calico. Jordan worries a lot. She worries about everything from storms, her siblings, to being on time. She is very tall, and I wonder if she will keep growing, or be like me an dquit growing in the 5th or 6th grade.

"Wanted Dead, Not Alive"

Whie we were gone on vacation "something" killed all of our baby guineas right in the cage. We had our suspicions, and they were right. Jake bought "me" some baby white silky chickens, and the other night when he went out to feed them, this is what he found. Jake has a knack for killing snakes with the pruning shears. He hates them, snakes that is. A few days prior a smaller snake got away. This one had obviously eaten something in the last few days, but he will no longer stalk our chicken cages. The only thing is, I hope we catch his buddies.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Enjoy the Very LOng Slide Show

Here are a few (ha ha)pictures from this summer for you to see.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Perils of Motherhood

My friend Christina's baby Cason had his first birthday party yesterday, and it was so much fun. She is such a great mother and went all out for his party. It was not without a few bead of sweat from me, though..... read on.

Christina ordered a very special cake from a special bakery in another town. It just happens to be the town we go to church in, and I knew my husband would be there the morning of the party, so I volunteered him to pick up the cake. Which he did. We cleared a place in our extra fridge for it, and figured it would be safe. NOT!!!!! About 3 hours before we were to leave for the great event, I am at the computer, Jake is in the garage painting, who know where the tripletes were; Jayden comes to me and says. "Momma, I ate some of the cake".

I bolted to the utility room and this is what I found.

This was my feeble attempt to repair the damage, and the beautiful front side of the cake. After a healthy spanking, a few tears (on Jayden and I's parts), a phone call to Christina to drop the bomb, and a few stiffled laughs from Christina, the party was a great success. Now, that is an awesome friend, one who can still love you after your 5 year old son ruins her sons first birthday cake.

Well, long about midnight, Jayden is crying at the foot of my bed, stating he is itchy, and it hurts. In my haze of sleep, I took him to the bathroom and started putting lotion on him in the dark thinking that he had dry skin from playing in the water at the party all evening. The he began to scream, so I thought I better turn on the light. OH MY, he has hives all over him. I slathered him in benedryl cream and hydrocortisone cream which seems to soothe him, and he slept the rest of the night.

This is the hives when he woke up 9 hours later.The mentally ill alter ego in me can't help but wonder if this is his karma for digging his little hand into that cake. Reguardless, I better take him to the doctor in the morning.

As if his ears were not big enough.

A few great pictures of Cason Robert Burgess. Christina, I could not resist posting these.

As Cameron, Cason's dad said. Cason is really upset about the cake.

Jayden, enough said!!!!!!!

Jayden adds soooooo much personality to our family, as if there was not enough. Truly life would be dull with out him. He can be so charming one minute, and raking on my last nerve the next. He makes me laugh and fume every day. Some people thought we were crazy having another baby after the triplets, but he has been a whole new experience from pregnancy on.

Jayden loves all things about cowboys and pirates, he would play in the dirt in his underwear from sun-up to sun-down if we would let him. Lucky for him we live out in the country and he can sometimes go out in the yard in his underwear. He really has a knack for quoting movies and singing songs, especially ones that he should not. Like "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?..." And of course all pirates drink rum, so his koolaid in childrens church is rum, not koolaid. His teachers think it is humorous, but it is still embarassing.

He is starting Kindergarten this year, and is very excited about going to big kid school where his daddy works. Thanks to our friend Lisa, he can almost read. He has spent the last two years with Lisa during the school year, and this last year she did a pre-k and kindergarten home school program with Jayden and her son Logan who is the same age.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All About Jessica

Well, we have decided to dedicate an entry to each one of our family members, so we are starting with Jessica. She is the middle child of the triplets, and has the middle child personality, including being in trouble the most. She gave us the most worry when she was born, she was the only one on oxygen. Eventhough she is the smallest, she packs the biggest punch. Jess is our social butterfly, and has lots of friends including Kaitlyn, Megan, Morgan, Jake, and Amber. So far she is our only athlete, participating in basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She did not really have an affection for the soccer, but she tried it anyway. She likes animals, and has 3. A horse "Love" that lives at her Grandma Jenny's and Grandpa Griffin's; a dog "P. Sherman" a mutt that she shares with her momma; and midnight a kitten that has a great personality, but still is banished to the yard. She says she hates school, except lunch and PE, but she is a good student getting A's and B's. She does not like girly-girl stuff especially pink. She wants me to write that she likes to pull pranks, but I have not yet seen her excel at this quality. Bears is what she likes to collect, and has way too many of them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Annual "Last Hoorah" Before School Starts

For the third year in a row, the Griffin kids and the Gailey kids with their mothers take off to NRH20 near Fort Worth for the summers last Hoorah. It is a medium sized water park, that we feel safe in letting our kids run off in pairs and do their own thing. This is Jayden's second year, and he is getting very brave, and loves to go.

I know Jayden knows that I was watching him, so I am not sure if he was putting on a show, or if he was sincerely surprised by his actions. What is your vote?

Can you guess which one is not mine?

The race is on!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Very Long Day

Jake and I spent the entire day yesterday working on cleaning out the kids rooms. We removed 4, yes FOUR, 55 gallon trash bags full of trash out of their 3 rooms. Then on top of that we removed 3 55 gallon bags and numerous boxes of garage sale stuff out. Their rooms are virtually empty. Our motto was if we haven't seen in in the last 2 months it's going. The kids helped, and were actually cooperative. We are playing musical furniture also. The girls are getting a new queen sized bed (we will have to see how that goes), and Jayden got the top part of their bunk beds with attached dresser and desk. We are turning the bottom part into a tented play area. Being able to remove his dresser from his room will give him more floor space to make a mess, ha ha. Jessica and Jordan want their room redecorated, so it was a little sad to remove all the beautiful fairies and pink stuff. We will be replacing it with jungle prints, aaaaah the preteen years - here they come. Anyway it was a very long day, and it ended with a bubble bath and 3 ibuprofen for all my aches and pains. I did not think to take before and after pictures until I was already half done. The results were amazing, but do any of you parents have any suggestions on bargaining tools so we can get them to keep them this way?????

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some of the Beauty We Saw

A great picture of Yellowstone Lake, a Bull Buffalo slicking off his winter coat, one of the 6 different bear we saw, and The Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River were just a few of the 465 pictures I took. I still have not loaded and counted the pictures on the girls cameras.

The Wild Man

Jayden wanted to buy every toy gun he saw. Then when we had some downtime, he constantly played with them. Thank God we were in a part of the country where most people understand that little boys can play with guns, and it is okay, he won't turn out to be a serial killer.

One of the things we did on our vacation was go on a breatkfast trail ride. Jake, Jordan, Jessica, Dad and I got up early one morning and off we went. Everyone will tell you, it was the best meal of our vacation. It was eggs, bacon, biscuits, potatoes, orange juice, and coffee all cooked over an open fire. The scenery was also beautiful.
Jamison did a little fishing. All he wanted out of the vacation was to catch some fish, poor thing did not catch a thing. My dad caught some after we left.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Beginning

So, a few friends have inspired me to create a blogspot, really some just want me to get on myspace, but I am going against the grain and doing this instead. So, hang with me while I try to figure this out. This picture of all of us was taken in the Beartooth Mountains in Northern Wyoming on July 4, 2008. We were at over 11,000 feet elevation, and the temperature was in the 40's. My kids were amazed at playing in the snow in July, as this was only their 3rd time to play in the snow, ever! We were on vacation, staying at a friends cabin (thank you Klinette), and none of had been in the shower yet that day. So, we may not look pretty, but we were having a great time.