Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Members of the Family

Yes, we have several of the things that you supposedly get Salmonella from, and really you can. But, you can get it from eating peanut butter, too. Since we don't eat much peanut butter at our house, we will take our chances with the turtles. With proper care of the tank and creatures, frequent cleanings, and the right "drop-ins", and some correct hand hygiene we have had them for over 6 years and NO salmonella. They are greedy hungry things, and interesting to watch. They like to stack themselves up, and find funny poistions to "sun" in. But most of all we love to watch them eat feeder gold fish. They chase them, fight over them, and devour them. It's sort of a sick passtime of ours, but a necessary staple in their diet. They need the protien and the calcium (from the bones) for the health of their shells.

This particular one, likes to balance on this rock using only one leg.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

How funny. I love that your family would rather take chances with the turtles, instead of the peanut butter. Ha ha!! Thanks for the words about the tv watching. Sometimes I start to feel guilty, sitting her in front of the tv, for a while. But, she loves to play with her toys, and "read" to herself. I know she can use her imagination. So, she must not be too ruined. ha ha!!

The Oxford Family said...

Love the turtles! We had little baby ones but they found a new home when we moved...stinky little things!

Mr. and Mrs. Robert King and Family said...

I think the turtles are cool!