Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day and Sponge Bob

I have never been a really big fan of Valentines Day, other than an excuse to eat chocolate, so Jake and I don't really celebrate it much. This year with funds lacking, and other things going on (like me working this weekend) we decided not to do anything special.... EXCEPT Jayden for some reason has been talking about this day for a very long time. Of course he is such a lover, why would he not be into it? He made me promise to come to his party, and it was even a pizza party! They decorated cupcakes them ate them, and he had a grand time. Me being the painfully shy person I am felt like a "turd in a punch bowl". Not sure why, I just don't know many of the other parents in his class much, and I seem soooooo old. I hope they do not think that I am snotty, I am just shy. Anyway enough about me, and back to Jayden...

Jake spent all day one day making this Valentine box for Jayden, they were both so proud of it. It is made out of a cereal box, complete with a trap door in the back to get the Valentines out. Jayden wants to take it everywhere. Sponge Bob was priviledged to go out to eat chinese food with us the other night.

This is Jayden's friend Treniti, she is so cute. He has even been lucky enough to go over to her house and play.

Some of the frosting Jayden was using for his cupcake never made it onto the cupcake. A boy after his momma's own heart.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I want that cupcake!!! Yummy! We didn't do much for v-day. Chris had a double ear infections, sinus infections , and bronchitis. I was staying FAR AWAY from him. No romance at our house!!!!!

The Oxford Family said...

Love the valentine box! My nephew LOVES spongebob!

PS thanks for stopping by my blog! I have had a few people ask me to make them some and was totally thinking of a pirate for my next one! If you are seriously wanting one Ill keep you posted :)